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Historic Western Town of Hardyville

Hardyville was one of the many Colorado River port and shipping towns, and served as Mohave County’s first seat from 1867 to 1872. At Hardy Landing, boats ferried people across the river and the landing also served as a freight depot. At the most, Hardyville had about 20 permanent residents, but more were there at any given time due to people passing through. The post office was established January 17, 1865 and discontinued Feb. 19, 1883. The town was founded by William Harrison Hardy in 1865.

The cemetery that started the area was known as the Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery.  There are still believed to be up to 2 dozen folks buried there on the northern edge of town facing the Colorado river.


Haryville now knows as Bullhead City has grown to a population of over 38,000.  This growing population is now home to Desert Lawn Funeral -Memorial Gardens located in Mohave Valley, Arizona.  They are proud to be known as the Best Funeral Home in Mohave County.




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