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Kirkland Bazil Young (1/31/1959 , 4/3/1921)

Kirkland Bazil Young

1/31/59 – 4/3/21

Kirk was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 31st, 1959. He graduated from high school in Muncie, Indiana in 1977; he served a mission in Córdoba, Argentina; he married the awesome woman who waited for him; and together they had three daughters. He was a sergeant for the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked for 19 years until retirement.

Our dad struggled with severe health problems for many years before choosing to withdraw care, pack up his RV, and leave this world on his own terms in one of his favorite places – Mohave Valley, Arizona. We like to think he woke up early that morning so that he could watch the sun rise one more time over the quiet and peaceful desert before he was finally released from his mortal shell.

Thank you dad for teaching us to truly appreciate the beauty of nature. Thank you for teaching us how to hunt for trilobites, wonderstone and Apache Tears – and the equally important lesson of how to tell the difference between Apache Tears and deer poop. Thank you for teaching us how to respectfully interact with the “Po-Po” – resulting in countless speeding tickets being reduced to stern warnings. Thank you for teaching us how to play a mean steering-wheel-drum while jamming out to Neil Young, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac. Thank you so much for being our dad, we love you and find strength in knowing you are at peace. We have chosen Grand Staircase National Monument as your final resting place, so that you can be part of the beautiful desert sunrise every morning.

“A natural beauty should be preserved, like a monument, to nature.

Don’t judge yourself too harsh, my love, or someday you might find your soul endangered.”

Rest in peace Big Daddy-O, with all of our love – Ashley Moore, Erin Dixon, Amber Jimenez (daughters) and Maddie Dixon (granddaughter).


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